Why should your patient become a member?

OPTIFAST VLCD online support offers a whole range of benefits to help you and your patient through a successful weight loss journey.

Encouraging your patient to become an online support member will give them access to a range of tools and resources that they will be able to use as part of their weight loss journey. In addition it will also allow you to monitor and review their progress online as well as update and modify their plans.

Online support membership is FREE and grants your patient full access to all online support tools and information, including:

  • Tools to help them set up their weight loss goals
  • Ability to develop a personalised OPTIFAST VLCD plan, including meal and exercise trackers
  • Review progress over time to see how they are tracking
  • Dietitian approved, delicious and healthy low calorie recipes
  • Informative articles and videos from our healthcare professional team
  • Ability to connect with like-minded members for support via the forum

 In addition to the above features, as a member, they have the ability to connect with an OPTIFAST VLCD Accredited Healthcare Professional to assist them on their journey.  They can reach out to them through their membership to organise a consultation. Click here for more information on how to become an OPTIFAST VLCD Accredited Healthcare Professional.