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Active TWO Plan

On this Level you replace 2 meals with OPTIFAST VLCD products and include 1 healthy meal, which is approximately 350 calories.

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Active 2 Level:

Approx. 1000 Calories Daily | Gradual Weight Loss

Active level 2

The Active 2 Level includes replacing 2 meals a day with OPTIFAST and having 1 healthy calorie-controlled meal during the day. This results in more gradual weight loss, but it does mean you can enjoy a meal with family or friends – for example, a bowl of stir fried lean meat/fish and green vegetables with a small serve of rice noodles.

  • Lets you replace one OPTIFAST meal for a regular on
  • Choose among our healthy recipes.

You also need to consume the below everyday to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet.

2l water image

2 Litre Water

1 diary milk

1 Diary Product

2 fruits image

1 Fruit

Strach vegetable image

2 Cups low Starch Vegetables

Additional Food Chart