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Weeks Acive Plan

5 Weeks Active Plan – How Does It Work?

The 5 weeks Active plan includes replacing 2 meals with OPTIFAST® VLCD products and having 1 healthy calorie-controlled meal per day for 5 weeks. For best results, follow the clear calorie-controlled framework and include regular light exercise as part of your routine.

About Active 2 Level.

The Active 2 Level restricts calorie intake to approximately 1000 calories per day, and if combined with regular exercise, more gradual levels of weight loss can be achieved. During the Active 2 Level, you will be replacing 2 meals each day with OPTIFAST® VLCD products.

Active 2 level graphic

†See allowed low starch vegetables and fruit in the Additional Foods table. *Meals should equal approximately 400 calories each. OPTIFAST® VLCD is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of obesity and must be used under medical supervision.

What a day might look like:

Meal Sample meal plan 1 Sample meal plan 2 Sample meal plan 3
Morning Tea Tea/coffee (either black or with 30mL of low fat milk and no sugar)
1 serve of fruit
Tea/coffee (either black or with 30mL of low fat milk and no sugar)
1 serve of fruit
150g of low fat yoghurt
Lunch 1 cup of low starch salad or vegetables Low-calorie meal
(~400kcal, ~30g carbs,
~25g protein
60g of vegetable sticks
Afternoon Tea 1 OPTIFAST® VLCD Shake 1 cup of low starch vegetables 1 serve of fruit
Dinner Low-calorie meal
(~400kcal, ~30g carbs, ~25g protein)
1 cup of low starch vegetables
Low-calorie meal
(~400kcal, ~30g carbs,~25g protein)
Supper Herbal tea
150g of low fat yoghurt
Glass of warm low fat milk Herbal Tea
150mL of diet jelly
Total Nutrient Intake ~1042 calories
~74g protein
~96g carbohydrate
~1055 calories
~77g protein
~101g carbohydrate
~997 calories
~70g protein
~96g carbohydrate

Additional Food

Additional daily food allowance during the OPTIFAST® VLCD Programme.

Guardian Special Programme

‡Vegetables listed in AVOID can be consumed in small quantities in Level Active 2 as part of your calorie controlled meal


Can I start on the Active 2 Level?

Yes, some people may choose to start on the Active 2 Level of the OPTIFAST® VLCD Programme or are advised to do so by a healthcare professional. The Active 2 Level is suitable for people who require significant weight loss. This level restricts calorie intake but not as much as the Intensive level. Alternatively, if it is easier to start with one meal replacement and slowly build up then you may choose to start on the Active 1 Level.

What is an example of a 400 calories meal?

Your calorie-controlled or low-calorie meal should be around 400 calories. Aim for 1 serve or ¼ of your plate to be protein (1 palm sized meat/fish/chicken), 1 serve or ¼ or your plate to be grains (2 slices of bread, or 1 cup of rice, or 1 cup of noodle) and fill half the plate with low starch vegetables or salad. You can also include 1 tbsp of a sauce or dressing. This plate concept will help to keep your meal under 400 calories. Alternatively, check out the calorie-controlled recipes in the recipe section of the website. Each recipe indicates how many calories per serve

Click here for 400 kcal recipes >

Can I have an OPTIFAST® VLCD Bar instead of a Shake or do I have to have all Shakes per day?

The OPTIFAST® VLCD Programme is designed so that you can interchange or have any combination of the OPTIFAST® VLCD products that suit your preference and lifestyle. This includes OPTIFAST® VLCD Shakes and Bar. If you choose to have more than 1 bar a day, ensure that you consume extra water as you will not be getting the fluids that you would with the sachet products.

If I am only replacing 2 meals per day on the OPTIFAST® VLCD Programme,which meal should I replace?

It really doesn't matter which meals you decide to replace with an OPTIFAST® VLCD products.The programme is designed so that you can choose which meals you would prefer to replace based on your likes and lifestyle. The evening meal is generally replaced with a healthy meal in the Active 2 Level, purely for social reasons, however you can tailor the programme to suit yourself and substitute the morning meal or lunch instead.

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